Assisting doctors and the healthcare system by improving the efficiency of medical image analysis & interpretation using AI

Five hundred million people get a cardio ultrasound, X-Ray, CT or MRI each year. Due to time constraints and a global shortage of skilled clinicians able to analyze images efficiently, diagnostic errors and disagreements occur – leading to unnecessary treatments, litigation, and higher hospital re-admission rates. Dyad Medical develops AI applications to provide automated medical images analysis to reduce the need for human intervention and thus errors and conflicts. Our applications run remotely, are machine independent and are integrated into the physician’s workflow. They are accurate, quick, and highlight the most urgent cases providing immediate care to those who need it most.

Our software applications support both treatment decision making in the clinic and analysis in research, post-image-acquisition, enabling researchers to optimize observations and conclusions.


Substantially decrease misdiagnosis and expert disagreement

Minimize healthcare costs by making AI a part of the diagnosis workflow

Provide universal access to expert-level diagnosis